Christmas in Rumyantsevo

Christmas in Rumyantsevo

Students and teachers from Darbi College visited our old friends from Hristo Botev school in the village of Rumyantsevo. Both parties were looking forward to the meeting, especially the students from Darbi College, who delivered the last Christmas presents to the students from Hristo Botev school. Darbi College provided chocolates, candies and school supplies with the money raised from our Jumble Sale charity auction. These are to make the Christmas for the Hristo Botev students more magical and the school days – more colourful, fun and creative.

Darbi College students conducted a Cybersecurity training to their peers from Hristo Botev school. In turn, the students from Rumyantsevo presented for them authentic Bulgarian Christmas traditions and included them in a real demonstration of folklore songs. We also decorated festive Christmas wreaths together in their well-equipped Arts workshop.

We are deeply grateful to the students from Hristo Botev school for the warm welcome and the surprises they had in store for us! We are also thankful to the school’s management and teaching staff, who are committed to educating their students; fostering their talents and giving purpose and direction to our charity initiatives!

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