Visiting Darbi College

Visiting Darbi College

Darbi College welcomed 20 of our friends from the Hristo Botev school in Rumyantsevo village. This was the culmination of our charity campaign this year. As soon as the 20 children arrived, they joined the ‘Caps for future’ project by bringing the plastic caps they’ve collected and which our students are going to take for recycling. We organised 3 entertaining ‘adventures’ for the guests, hosted by our students and teachers. Time flew by while they were having fun learning English, carrying our lab experiments and winning prizes in a quiz about endangered species!

Darbi College is truly grateful to our students, who eagerly became teachers and mentors for the guests: Bozhana Mladenova, Eleonora Nikolova, Gabi Grudina, Kristin Mechkarova, Nia Tsankova, Olga Ustinova, Polina Kiuchukova, Scarlett Wahl, Tatiana Ustinova, Theodor Gajdarov, Viktoriya Nedova, Vladislav Cherkezov.

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