May/June 2023 IGCSE Exam Results

May/June 2023 IGCSE Exam Results

The Academic Board of Darbi College is proud to announce the results from the Cambridge International IGCSE May/June 2023 exam session. Congratulations to both teachers and students on their hard work and academic achievements!

Here are some of our most outstanding students:

  • David Tsankov: A* in Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics and French
  • Kristin Mechkarova: A* in Travel and Tourism, A in Business Studies
  • Polina Kiuchukova: A* in Mathematics, A in Physics
  • Eleonora Nikolova: A* in English as a Second Language
  • Gabriela Kancheva: A in Literature in English
  • Kubrat Kamenov: A in Economics

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