In Focus: Ideas for better performance

In Focus: Ideas for better performance

The educational process in Darbi College starts with admission in Reception year. This level offers students the opportunity to experience a smooth transition to the British education system. It is designed to lay the groundwork, build learning habits and language skills, necessary for the IGCSE programme. On the occasion of this particular adaptation to a new academic system, we share some ideas for better performance in school based on articles published in the magazine for Cambridge schools worldwide.

The Welldoing approach is in focus. It aims to create long-term habits to ensure a learner can tap into key strategies in order to achieve the best learning outcome. There are many strategies within the Welldoing approach, but there are three different areas that the researchers feel are particularly impactful. Firstly, they distinguish the idea for comfortable learning. Then, they suggest to proceed making thinking spaces.

The last strategy is illustrated with the title ‘CAKE’ and describes some useful steps to teach the students: Capture the ideas, Arrange the ideas, think about Key words and phrases and finally, Edit and polish the ideas.

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