In Focus: Thinking about thinking

In Focus: Thinking about thinking

The scientists approve it – there’s no such thing as an average adolescent, and we still only understand a small part of how our brains function. But every day, the teachers have to find the most productive way for students to achieve not only academic, but emotional learning as well. The ideal goal in teaching is to help students be more resilient in their learning, to have a plan of action when approaching a task for the first time, and to know more about how regulate their emotions.

Adolescent behavior may sometimes be hard to comprehend, but it’s our responsibility as educators to help students form good learning habits. In this process, the students in Darbi College are closely supported by a Personal Tutor and we create individual study plans for them. We may confirm that students who understand how they think and learn effectively are better equipped to make the changes needed to grow and improve.

Read the whole article for more findings about the ways teenagers learn and strategies to try in the classroom here.

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