In Focus: How we make sure our assessments are fair for all

In Focus: How we make sure our assessments are fair for all

Put in the simplest terms, fairness in assessment is achieved when all learners have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their ability. This is not just thinking about the moment of the assessment ‘event’ (such as creating an unbiased and accessible examination paper) but also thinking more broadly – for example, ensuring that every student has sufficient opportunities to learn the knowledge and skills required to perform well.

Across their schooling, students develop expectations, preferences and conceptions about how they’re to be assessed. They’re also individuals, and a range of factors may influence their assessment performance. Ensuring that students have a positive experience of assessment, no matter what the final result may be, is an important focus of Cambridge’s mission. The ultimate goal is to determine the next steps in education. Darbi College is the first Cambridge International School in Bulgaria, authorized in 2007 and our students are externally assessed. We share the vision that students, teachers and parents must be ensured that students have received a fair assessment experience if they are to consciously find their own path and make future choices that bring them happiness.

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