Reaching out to children
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Reaching out to children

It is for the ninth time that the Darbi Foundation invites disadvantaged children, benefactors and friends for a charity campaign in the name of four institutions housing children deprived of parental care.
The opening of the concert was the Christmas show performed by ‘Zvezditsa’ kindergarten that melted the audience’s heart. Two more impressive choirs and the children from the institutions joined the event programme.
The most long-awaited moment was undoubtedly the giveaway of presents. The Christmas spirit took hold of both adults and children and the latter were barely able to embrace all of their gifts. No one complained about the weight of the presents, though.

After the curtains were drawn the children unwrapped the presents with the help of Darbi College students, shared their impressions from the concert and each other’s Christmas wishes and promises.
Despite the mixed feelings at the children’s departure we are excited to know we will see our little friends again next year. We believe an initiative becomes a cause when there is a long-term commitment and tradition. This is the reason why the Darbi Foundation and all benefactors are devoted to the cause of changing the life of the children living in institutions, so they feel loved, appreciated and special.

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