A warm welcome to Zvezditsa kindergarten

A warm welcome to Zvezditsa kindergarten

In pursuit of Darbi College’s mission to protect the environment, we visited the children from Zvezditsa kindergarten in Kremikovtsi to spread environmental awareness. Students from Darbi College and Z Club Darbi prepared fun educational activities for kids aged 5-6 years and together we explored ways to conserve energy, aim for clean air and keep the nature unpolluted. We enjoyed singing an environment-themed jingle, dancing and colouring pictures as a way to express both high-school and kindergarten students’ talents and creativity. Our hosts from Zvezditsa answered correctly all questions in the wrap-up quiz and were rewarded with presents. The students from Darbi College appreciated the spontaneous concert the little stars performed in return.

We are grateful to the management and staff of Zvezditsa kindergarten for the warm welcome and for this opportunity! You can feel the atmosphere from our visit in the Gallery below.

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