The exam session at Darbi College

The exam session at Darbi College

Darbi College is in the middle of Cambridge International’s May-June 2023 exam session. As the first British school in Bulgaria, we are experienced in many exam sessions and countless of exams but we are excited as always. Cambridge International’s exam session is 100% externally assessed and it is not only a test of the students’ knowledge and skills but an appraisal of the teachers’ work during the academic year.

Our students are sitting 76 exams in total for 7 weeks at this exam session. 4 of those are speaking exams and 6 are practical exams in a laboratory. The scripts of the students sitting the Cambridge International exams are marked anonymously and independently by qualified examiners appointed by the exam board, who grade them according to unified assessment criteria applicable to all candidates from more than 10 000 schools around the world. We look forward to the middle of August, when we are going to find out how our students performed at the exams and how the quality of our teachers’ work during the academic year was judged.

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