Spirit of Christmas Present and Yet to Come

Spirit of Christmas Present and Yet to Come

The last academic week before the Christmas break is very special. Not only because everyone is looking forward to the holidays but mainly because on 19 December 2018 the staff and students of Darbi College welcomed our dear friends from the Social Services Centre in Lukovit.

The visit was the final stage of this year’s Christmas charity campaign. Our special guests received many presents – candy bags and educational board games. The most rewarding part for the students and teachers of Darbi College was the time we spent with our friends. Time flew as we played different artistic and educational games. Everyone had the chance to introduce themselves and to demonstrate their role playing skills, memory and resourcefulness. The tough competition to win the games was overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit.

We wholeheartedly wish our friends from Lukovit a Merry Christmas and we are looking forward to meeting them again soon!

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