Results Summer 2019

Results Summer 2019

The Academic Board of Darbi College is proud to announce the most outstanding results from the May/June 2019 exam session!

We take pride in the achievements of:


Alexander Markov, IGCSE – А in Economics, A in Mathematics

Ana Cholakova, IGCSEА in Foreign Language – French, А in History, А in English Literature

Boris Dinchev, IGCSE – А in Business Studies

Daniil Vorobyov, IGCSE А in Foreign Language – French

Ekaterina Petrova, IGCSE А in Geography, А in English Literature

Christian-Thomas Beamish, IGCSEА in Business Studies, А* in English as a Second Language,

Nicole Sherwood, IGCSE – А in Economics, А in English Literature, А in History, A* in Foreign Language – French

Simona Gotseva, IGCSE А in Geography

Simona Ivanova, IGCSE – А in Mathematics


Christina Gotseva, AS – A in Psychology

Mila Ruseva, AS – А in Economics, А in Psychology


Constantine Grozdanov, A2 – А in Economics


The Academic Board of Darbi College congratulates the students and their teachers on the excellent work!

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