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Reception year in Darbi College

The Reception year in Darbi College is equivalent to Year 9 from Key Stage 3 of the British National Curriculum. Students can use the Reception year as transition to the IGCSE qualification as they are introduced to the assessment objectives of Cambridge International. Being an international school in Sofia, here at Darbi College, we recognise the needs of students in a multi-cultural learning environment. Starting from Reception year, we offer academic tuition in English in all subjects to the standards the Cambridge International exam board to help students naturally progress into IGCSE and A Level.

Here are some of the advantages students attain upon completing Reception year at Darbi College:

  • Develop analytical skills;
  • Understand and correctly use subject-specific terminology;
  • Understand and interpret highly academic written tasks and questions;
  • Build long-lasting effective learning and time management habits;
  • Become disciplined, independent and knowledge-seeking learners;
  • Develop numerical and quantitative skills;
  • Build soft skills and learn to communicate in a diverse cultural environment;
  • Develop fundamental digital competences.

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