It’s Christmas at Darbi College!

It’s Christmas at Darbi College!

The culmination of this year’s charity campaign at Darbi College took place on 20 December 2019, which was also by extension the (long anticipated) last day of school for 2019!

Together we welcomed our little guests from the accommodation centre ‘Concordia house’ with a live vocal performance. We then dived into some creative adventures, producing stylish Christmas cards and decorations. The more dexterous among us, with the help of our already experienced guests, were responsible for the cards’ actual design and technical execution. The less skillful but equally enthusiastic students and teachers quickly assumed the role of creative directors and wrote the Christmas card texts.

While getting to know each other during the work process, we understood the following: our love-hate relationship with Mathematics; our sweet tooth for chocolate; our dislike for spinach and being in a rush; the love of literature.

At the end of the event our friends from ‘Concordia house’ received their gifts – personal laptops for educational purposes in the new 2020!

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