Jumble Sale 2015
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Jumble Sale 2015

Christmas fever grips everyone in Darbi College in the beginning of December. The decoration magically appears in the corridors in an hour and the presents are under the tree by the time of the next break. This sets the mood for all teachers and students, who are eagerly looking forward to the traditional Christmas events in the school calendar.

The Christmas charity Jumble Sale that took place on 2 December gathered a record amount of money for children in need. Among the most wanted items were books and culinary pieces of art. The most expensive item was a rare copy of a book in German and the most impressive – a Christmas gingerbread cookie house. The students and teachers immensely enjoyed the auction and did not, even for a second, forget the noble cause that inspired the event.
The money raised will be used for the purchase of presents for children in need from a number of institutions in Bulgaria. We are deeply thankful to everyone who supported the idea of bringing a smile to the children’s faces!

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