Halloween (Witch)Craft
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Halloween (Witch)Craft

This October we chose a creative way to celebrate Halloween at Darbi College. The well-known teams from last year (Zombie Combie, The no bodies, The omen showmen, The creep outs, Yummie mummies, For ghouls sake, Dying to win and The walking dead) competed for unconventional ‘treats’ in two games: Draw a skeleton and Make a scarecrow.

A skeleton drawing is not that creative, you might think, but we further complicated the task because the artist could not use their hands – they had to hold the marker…in their mouth!
The second game involved crafting a scarecrow out of various materials – newspapers, ribbons, packaging paper, paper clips and other inputs.
In between the games all teachers and students enjoyed the ‘Recipe for disaster’ videos where the teachers confessed to their childhood mischiefs.

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