Yoan-Dako Petkov, Class of 2014

Year and course of graduation:
2014, A Level subjects:  Business Studies, Economics, Travel and Tourism

BA in BS at The University of Sheffield, Sofia

Most vivid memory from the time at Darbi:
The cohesion, which was a significant part of the relationship between students and teachers. Like every other beginning, I was rather nervous during my first hours in Darbi. However, the teachers made everything possible for me to understand that the students and the teachers are on the same team, not on different ones. That is why it did not take long for me to feel like a part of a big family.

How did Darbi help you succeed at university:
The college gave me the opportunity to study courses that match my interests. I received preparation which allowed me to integrate faster and better into the courses that I am currently taking at the university.

Yoan-Dako Petkov, Class of 2014
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