Christmas concert 2016

Christmas concert 2016

This year’s annual charity concert organized by Darbi Foundation gathered 52 children from 11 institutions from Dren, Lovech and Lukovit. Every one of them received an individual gift bag and they were assigned the responsible task to deliver the gifts to their friends back home who were not present at the event.

The Darbi Foundation team together with the ever-growing network of friends, partners and contributors managed to collect a record amount of presents this year. The boxes almost covered up our Christmas tree and barely fitted in the buses on their way back. United by the motto ‘We can always squeeze in one more present!’, we loaded up the piles of surprises hidden in the boxes, packages and gift bags.

Let us go back to the most anticipated moment of all – the unwrapping of the presents and the time spent with our friends, many of whom we are lucky to know for years now. The biggest present for us was not in a fancy packaging, neither was it luxurious. It did not have a ribbon. We cannot even show you a picture of it. Because it does not fit under the Christmas tree. It is not shiny and there is no surprise gift inside. It is inexpensive. You cannot buy it anywhere. It is a gift only these kids can give – the moment they grabbed the microphone to thank us in person for the presents, the care and the time spent together, with the most sincere, kind and touching words. We hope everyone can bring a present like this one home. Happy holidays!

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