Colourful Science
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Colourful Science

Darbi College brought together both professional and amateur fans of science for the most large-scale science project so far. Physics, Chemistry and Biology merged into a magical symbiosis that was enhanced by acting and genuine humour in the Science Show on 4 November 2015. Most importantly, the demonstrations did not simply engage the audience’s attention but required assistance of volunteers, who were fully consumed by the events on the stage.

opit20The colour spectrum was a leading topic in the Science Show. Among all experiments with 3D images, liquids with instantly changing colour and fluorescent roses, probably the most impressive were the ones with liquid nitrogen and its amazing properties.
The show was organized and conducted by the Science Department in Darbi College but the leading role was played by the students from the Chemistry, Biology and Physics classes. The young scientists supported each experiment with scholarly explanations, curious facts and a touch of acting talent!

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