There are few schools in the world where students’ personal qualities, skills, knowledge and interests come to the foreground. Even fewer are the educational institutions in which each child is treated as an individual and his or her personal needs, way of perceiving information and learning style are taken into account. Darbi College not only exhibits these unique characteristics, but it is also one of a kind in Bulgaria. In the tradition of the British educational system, we require that each student lives up to his full potential. Furthermore, Darbi College is the only Bulgarian institution of education whose students’ results rank top 5% in the Cambridge International Examinations Board statistics; some of the achievements reaching the absolute maximum – A*.

It takes a lot of time and effort to nurture a leader.

Professionalism, knowledge, warmth and trust are just some of the benefits the students at Darbi College enjoy, and also a prerequisite of leaders upbringing. Therefore, we take pride in declaring that our students are the prospective leaders of Bulgaria!

Today’s ambitious youth are the successful people of tomorrow. Our whole team strives to educate strongly motivated people who want to succeed. We give all students an equal start, we fight alongside all of them. However, it is up to them to discover their size, the extent of their selves, and in life become the ones who lead the way.
Our students are different but what they have in common is their enthusiasm and the belief they are the men and women of tomorrow.

We pride ourselves on our sense of community.
We value student input and encourage students to play an active role in the College.
We know our students well and treat all of them with respect.
We do not expect students to fit in with us.
It is our aim to provide a truly personalized education so that they all may be happy, fully supported and achieve their fullest potential.
Students about the school:

‘There is a lot of choice: choice of subjects, choice of friends.’

‘Small classes mean a lot of attention and make it easier to concentrate.’

‘I like the people I met – my classmates, my teachers…’

‘To be appreciated as an individual is priceless.’

Parents about the school

‘My child is proud to be a student at Darbi College.’
‘For my son the school was a true rehearsal for his life in the world.’
‘One of our sons graduated from Darbi College in 2009, and the other one – in 2010. I would like to thank all the teachers who made my children feel loved. They achieved good results but there is more to that…’
‘I want to thank you for the time, effort and thought that each of you has put in towards the successful development of my daughter.’

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