A magical show with a pinch of science
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A magical show with a pinch of science

What do you need to stage a magic show? Doves? A mystery box? Or a presentable black top hat? On December 10, 2014 the students of Darbi College had a different answer – science. From high voltage to exploding cotton, they proved to their class mates and teachers that there is nothing scary inex periments and science projects, only the mesmerizing spark of ingenuity.

Darbi CollegeUnder the entertaining super vision of Hristo Kolev, the students displayed a number of projects including a “chameleon” fluid that changed its color with every couple of stirs, igniting paper with out burning it, and many, many others. The show was narrated as magical though every project began and finished with a scientific explanation of the events that the audience would witness. As one would expectin a magic show, the final display left a very lasting impression when many of the spectators saw a real laser work for the first time.

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